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American Payment Exchange LLC is committed to bridging the gap between business and consumers by offering convenient advanced technology payment solutions.  We offer streamlined, simple and secure electronic solutions for payment transaction processing.  Reduced workload, lower operating cost, greater payment security and increased sales are a few of the benefits gained with our solutions.  

Consumers Expect Convenience

Consumers are expecting more than great products, services and competitive pricing.  Consumers are expecting convenience.  Flexible and convenient payment options have a major impact on buying decisions.  Our mission is to help business leaders increase sales revenue with innovative solutions that remove payment transfer barrier's between consumers and business or business to business.  

Our network of alliances with multiple technology providers creates a diverse offering of payment transaction processing solutions that include many cutting edge services and products. 

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A History Of Development and Expansion

American Payment Exchange LLC started business operations in 2002 with a vision of future service and product expansion within the Payment Transaction Processing industry.  Payment Transaction Processing and Point to Point Money Transfer using cell phones, Electronic Age Verification, Bill Pay Services, and Pre-Paid Card products are just a few examples of recent product and service offering expansion.   American Payment Exchange LLC continues with efforts to develop and seek new technology and services that improve service and reduce cost for both businesses and consumers.

The Future - The Sky Is Not The Limit, Its The Beginning

American Payment Exchange LLC continues to seek ways to apply Pont-Of-Sale Convergence technology and operating platforms.  Merchants and business of all type and size continue to be challenged with a need to centralize multiple types of transaction functions with multiple providers into one streamline, user friendly point-of-sale terminal.  Pont-Of-Sale Convergence technology offers a giant leap forward in providing solutions to these problems.

Our newly developed Free Check Guarantee Small Ticket Program offers restaurant and retail business owners with small average sales tickets a great opportunity to capitalize on customers with checkbooks.  Only 18% of America's consumers have usable credit cards that are not over credit limit in comparison to 94% have checking accounts with available cash balances.  In addition, about 83% of all business payments continue to be paid by check. 

New Credit Card Pass Though and Small Ticket Pricing Plans provide an excellent opportunity to offer both large and small merchants cost savings on bank card discount rates and processing fees that equate to considerable savings for merchants challenged with increasing credit card processing cost.

In addition, Electronic Check Conversation Processing with Verification, Online payment services and Pre-Paid Bank Cards provide great opportunities for business leaders to gain value and benefit.

"Providing consumers convenience and payment

solutions business leaders depend on is our business"

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