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For additional information about some our solutions and products you may select and view a slide show or demo. 

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Virtual Terminal Point-Of-Sale Check Processing...
This side show shows how paper checks presented at the Point-Of-Sale can be converter into an electronic check transaction using a check imager and Virtual Terminal operating on a standard PC computer at the sales counter.   

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Visa POS Check Service Video...
The video is under 4 minutes and shows how the Visa POS Check Service uses the Visa debit system to verify if checks are written on open or closed accounts  and paper checks are converter into electronic transactions.  

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Remote Off Site Check And Credit Card Processing...Now delivery drivers, outside salespeople, limo drivers, trade show booth or flea market booth salespeople  can have On-The-Spot Electronic Credit Card processing Wherever that spot may be. Reduced workload, lower operating cost, greater payment security and increased sales are a few of the benefits gained. 

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