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Increase Profits And Customer Traffic With Our Diverse Selection Of Pre-Paid Products


Consumer demand for Pre-Paid Card Products continues to remain high and is projected to have a high growth rate for the next ten years.  Pre-Paid Card Products provide retailers with the opportunity to enjoy added profits and develop return customer traffic.





The Ready-To-Sell Prepaid Package Includes:

·    Floor or Counter Top Display & Inventory On Consignment

     New Verifone Omni 3740 or 3750 POS Processing Terminal On Consignment

     Customer Support Team

      Real-Time Retailer Web Reporting

Au Automatic Inventory Replenishment  System & No Long Term Contract

Our, “Ready-To-Sell Pre-Paid Card” package offers consumers a choice of Pre-Paid products as listed below:

  • An assortment of Long distance phone cards for a wide range of consumer needs.
  • An assortment of Wireless phone cards that includes the major brand name wireless providers.  Consumers with pre-paid Cell phones will be able to add minutes at your store with any of the major providers.
  • Prepaid MasterCard that can be used by the consumer anywhere that accepts MasterCard including all merchants and ATM’s.
  • Prepaid Pronto Banco Card (Interlink, a part of the Visa network).  The Pronto Banco Card is tailored for Hispanics and is widely used for money transfers to Mexico.  The Pronto Banco Card is a prepaid debit card and can be used at any merchant or ATM that accepts debit Pin based cards.  The card is accepted in the USA, Mexico, Central and South America. 
  • Prepaid Internet Cards good for 30 days Internet connection.
  • Prepaid Roadside Assistance Cards good for 30 or 365 days.
  • Prescription drug discount cards good for 40% discount at over 50,000 drug stores.
  • Prepaid Cell Phone Custom ring tones.
  • Prepaid Cell Phone game cards

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We Offer Major Brand Wireless And Long Distance Service Pre-Paid Cards For Brands Your Customers Recognize And Use.

Below Is An Sample Of The Many Long Distance Cards Offered

Plus We Offer:







Our, “Ready-To-Sell Pre-Paid Card” package is the most complete reseller program available.  Set-up and implementation is fast and simple.  Get started now!  Your customers will be glad you did.


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