Merchant Reseller Bill Pay Program...

Offer Consumer Convenience And Increase Profits

With our Merchant Reseller Bill Pay Program, we supply the processing terminal so merchants can accept consumer payments due major utilities, phone service providers, credit card, insurance, finance, mortgage and retail companies.  Payments can be paid at the merchant reseller sales counters using a Omni 3750 processing terminal.  Each time the consumer pays a bill the merchant earns a fee.

Our Merchant Reseller Bill Pay Program also helps increase customer return traffic. 

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The Bill Pay process is quick, simple,  secure & Profitable & it does not require any equipment investment.

All Bill Pay transactions are cleared and settled though a processor that serves as a gateway to the Federal Reserve System.  Security and encryption standards are in place for your protection and security.

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The consumer provides the merchant sales clerk with the Bill information with the account number to be paid.


The consumer pays the merchant sales clerk the amount of the Bill that is due plus the consumer payment fee.

The merchant sales clerk accesses the Payee on the Omni 3750 processing terminal and enters the account number and the amount that is paid.

The Omni 3750 processing terminal prints a payment confirmation receipt for the consumer to keep as proof of payment.

The entire Bill Pay process is quick, simple, secure and profitable.  Start adding revenue and customer traffic to your business now.

"Providing consumers convenience and payment transfer solutions business leaders depend on is our business"

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