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Collecting scheduled payments and accounts receivables using traditional mail and phone methods is very costly and time consuming.  A major business research study reports that statement preparation, mailing, collection efforts and posting are costing companies an average of $4.60 per payment collected.  RPM provides a simple low cost way to receive payment on the agreed due dates.


(RPM) Recurring Payments - RPM automates recurring payments and places merchants in charge of being paid on time.  On the agreed due date the amount due is automatically pulled from the customer's credit card or checking account and direct deposited to the merchant account.

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For business’s that depend on collecting scheduled payments and accounts receivables the RPM payment set up is fast, secure and simple to use.  The account administrator can simply login to the password protected secure RPM menu. From the menu, the administrator can set up the customer account to pay on the agreed date according to the terms of the agreement with the customer. Payment frequency options include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly  and either credit card or electronic check can be selected as method of payment.

Once the account administrator completes the account set up, RPM goes to work and automatically transfers funds from the customer’s account and direct deposits to the merchant bank account on the agreed date.  Information changes such as customer bank account, credit card account or payment dates are also fast and simply to perform.  

Take control and receive your money on the agreed due date with RPM.  Password protected online reports are available 24/7.  Reports can be exported into either Excel spreadsheet or most accounting software with a standard CVS file format.

Additional Features:

Consumer Friendly - Each time a transaction is processed, both your customer and you receive e-mails confirming payment.

Safe - Data is submitted and viewed through Secure Sockets Layer SSL encryption, for the highest standard of security.

Secure – Your customer data is stored on highly secure systems protected by sophisticated firewall technology meeting Visa USA and MasterCard standards.

Scalable – Whether you have a few customers or a few hundred thousand, RPM can meet your recurring payment needs.

Robust Data – Both inactive (past customers) and active customers are stored on the system for your use. The database even stores your accounting or order numbers.  All data can be sorted by any field.

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Start collecting scheduled payments and accounts receivables automatically on the agreed due date with RPM.

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