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RPM is a streamlined, simple and secure electronic solution for receiving recurring payments on the agreed due date.   Reduced workload, lower operating cost, greater payment security and improved cash flow are a few of the benefits gained with RPM.  

RPM provides a fast and easy means to set up each customer using the Set-Up Screen.  Once entered, all customer data is stored on a secure remote server.  With RPM, there are no worries about storing and protecting sensitive data.

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The Main RPM Set-Up Screen


Find and edit customerís payment instructions with ease using the Customer Search Tool.


Reports are generated with the search tool, and can be generated based on virtually any search criteria.


Payment Timing Control is everything in the cash flow world . . . RPM gives more control than any other system on the market with an easy, intuitive interface.


"Providing consumers convenience and payment transfer solutions business leaders depend on is our business"

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