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Our stand alone point-of-sale transaction processing solutions include a long list of terminal brand names and models.  However, we have chosen the Verifone Omni 3740, 3750 Vx570 as our preferred processing terminals because of their versatility, dependability, speed and expansion ability.


The VeriFone Vx570

The Verifone Vx570 terminal puts unprecedented power and performance into the palm of your hand. It offer a user-friendly ATM-style interface, large display, both dial modem and high speed broadband com ports, a USB port for easy software downloads and built in printing capabilities.

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The Vx570 Is The Fastest, Most Advanced And Versatile Sand Alone Terminal In The Market Today

  • Modular design provides for cost-efficient upgrades and enhancements





































  • Backlit, white display with crisp black characters and graphics enhances readability under all lighting conditions

  • Processes full range of transactions including debit, credit, and EBT payments

  • Multitasking and expanded memory supports revenue-producing applications such as prepaid services, gift card, and loyalty plus value-added cost savers such as returns, exchanges and check authorization

  • Beyond dial-only option, dial plus Ethernet module means connectivity can be upgraded as needed without switching devices

  • Intuitive, ATM-style interface, bold menu prompts, and ergonomic keys for minimize training and reduce clerk errors

  • Internal PIN pad streamlines debit and other PIN-based transactions without increasing counter clutter

  • Plug-and-play device is as easy to install as it is easy to use

Flexible, Expandable, Fast, User Friendly And Built To Last.  The VeriFone Vx570 Is The Best Stand Alone Processing Terminal On The Market.


The VeriFone CR1000i Check Imager

The CR1000i Check Imager is a highly user friendly and reliable digital imager that produces actuate images of both front and back side of scanned checks.  Check images are stored in a built in memory for daily up loading to the check processor's data base via a cable connection to a Verifone either a VeriFone Omni 3740, 3750 or Vx570 processing terminal.

The CR1000i imager is fully compliant with all Federal banking regulation requirements governing electronic check digital imaging and electronic check conversion.

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