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Access Multiple Services From Multiple Providers


Point-Of-Sale Convergence technology offers transaction processing systems able to consolidate multiple transaction processing functions, POS product offerings and financial services into one package accessed by a single user friendly terminal at the merchantís sale counter. 


Point-Of-Sale Convergence:  American Payment Exchange now offers a full line of point-of-sale products and services that are accessed with one simple user friendly POS terminal.  Merchants no longer have to contend with the confusion and clutter of multiple POS terminals that take up valuable sales counter space. 

Point-Of-Sale Service Provider Trends:  POS service providers trend to specialize and may offer only a few services or products they are focused on supporting.  Examples; a credit card processor may only offer credit card processing. a long distance card provider may only offer long distance card loading, a prepaid bankcard provider only offers prepaid bankcards and a check processor may only offer check processing.

Products and Services merchants can now Access from a single POS terminal include:

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Do More With Less.  Streamline Your Point-Of-Sale Processing With POS Convergence.

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