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Full Function Processing And Reporting: Transaction processing with computer terminal registers offer advantages for merchants wanting more in depth processing and data reporting abilities.   We offer excellent complete payment processing software and hardware applications that operate on most standard PC's.

Devices such as credit card magnetic strip readers, check imagers and pin pads can be attached to PC / Register Terminals for full function transaction processing at the point-of-sale.

PCCharge DevKitRiTA ServerDesigned for Windows 98/NT

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PCCharge DevKitIs an award-winning, Windows-based payment     processing software product designed to save merchants time and money by providing powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. PCCharge Pro is a cost-effective solution for all business types, including brick-and-mortar merchants, e-Stores, and MOTO (mail-order/telephone order) shops.

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  • Certified with major credit/debit/gift card and check processors
  • Multiple payment types accepted: All major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EBT, Purchasing Cards (Level II), Gift/Loyalty Cards, and Check Verification, Guarantee & Conversion
  • Certified for multiple connectivity methods, including Dial-up Modem (Direct Connection), TCP/IP (Leased Line), TCP/IP (Internet), TCP/IP (ISDN).
  • Client Server software supports customer database capabilities, card readers, PIN pads and check readers
  • Customer database with recurring and installment billing allows you to schedule payment processing according to your specific business requirements
  • Most inventory control software applications are compatible and will integrate with PCCharge Pro
  • Supports single or multi-users. There’s no limit of merchant numbers in PCCharge Pro.*
  • Designed for stand-alone, client-server, or integrated solutions. Use out of the box or as part of an integrated POS solution.
  • Robust and customizable reporting features
  • Real time or batch transaction processing
  • Split dial authorization for Discover and American Express (selected processors) and direct settlement option with American Express saves merchants money!
  • MOTO Master Book and Ship Module allows pre-auth information to be stored until merchandise is shipped, eliminating the re-keying of information and providing a management tool for mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO) merchants
  • Wireless capability permits mobile merchants to process transactions over the Internet via TCP/IP using a cell phone


All of our software is upgradeable so it won't become obsolete like credit card terminals do!


* The basic PCCharge Pro package includes the ability to add one merchant number. There may be a fee to add additional merchant numbers.


  • PCCharge has undergone an evaluation by a Visa CISP qualified assessor.
  • MSV™ (Magnetic Strip Verification), CVV2, and AVS (Address Verification Services), data file encryption, and secure receipts reduce fraud, charge backs, and may qualify merchants for lower interchange rates
  • User level password protection provides controlled permissions



  • PC with Microsoft® Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003 Server
  • 64 MB minimum of RAM, 256 MB preferred
  • 30 MB free space on hard drive, 100 MB recommended
  • Hayes compatible modem (capable of 1200 BPS or less) with an analog phone line OR an Internet connection
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Merchant Account
  • 400 mhz or higher processor
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer v.6 or higher installed
  • Latest Microsoft service pack updates installed



  • Track I & II reader
  • Check Reader/Scanner
  • Debit Card PIN pad
  • Windows compatible receipt printer




Depending on your connection type, and operating system, you may need to install some upgrades/enhancements to your operating system.  Payment transactions are being processed via SSL2 - SSL6.  Some security systems are now working with SSL8, (a highly secure Internet protocol).  Some older operating systems may not work with the higher security encryption levels.


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RiTA ServerIs a product for the independent-at-heart.  This Java™-based engine is operating system independent, database independent, and machine independent.  It is designed to enable a variety of hosting and merchant capabilities.  RiTA Server is a highly scalable transaction switch that supports high-volume, multi-threaded transaction processing.  RiTA Server is e-transaction middleware for businesses that process a large volume of payment transactions.  Don't let your profits be eaten up by costly per transaction fees when you can integrate this engine application!

Engineered with speed, scalability, and throughput in mind.  RiTA Server provides TCP/IP or dial connectivity directly to processing companies--there's no question that RiTA Server can easily scale along with your business's growth.

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  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • IBM iSeries (AS/400) Integration
  • File API Integration Alternative

  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Designed so you can develop your system to support card readers
  • Real time or batch transaction processing
  • Highly scalable and flexible to accommodate high levels of growth and activity
  • Supports a range of processors and connection methods
  • Process Credit, Debit, Purchasing Card (I, II, & III), Gift/Loyalty, and Check Transactions

  • Thread pooling allows faster transaction processing by efficiently allocating resources within RiTA Server
  • Internet connectivity using SSL

  • Smart Settlement, automatically detects errors in settling, quarantines those errors and resubmits until the settlement file is successfully transmitted
  • Load balancing with Microsoft® SQL Server TM and Oracle® databases
  • Designed for client-server, integrated solutions

  • No per transaction fees charged by Verifone--by not using a gateway solution, you save money with each transaction.

  • RiTA was one of the first applications to be validated against Visa's PABP guidelines (Payment Application Best Practices). PABP is part of Visa's CISP initiative (Cardholder Information Security Program).
  • CVV2 reduces chargebacks by as much as 26%
  • AVS (Address Verification Services) is an industry standard known for its effectiveness in reducing fraud
  • Data file encryption allows you to encrypt and protect credit card account numbers
  • Electronic Commerce certified (ECI Compliant) Meets up to date compliance standards for Visa and MasterCard

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