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With Online Electronic Checks, customers can choose to pay by check instead of credit card.  Online Electronic Checks are  processed though one of the largest risk management data base systems available.  All approved funds are processed and direct deposited to the merchant bank account within 24 - 48 hours.   

Online Electronic Checks:  Provides a streamlined, simple and secure electronic solution for an alternative payment option for millions of online shoppers unable to buy with a credit card.   Reduced workload, lower operating cost, greater payment security and increased sales are a few of the benefits gained with this solution.

If you have a web site that sells products and services online, then Online Electronic Checks is a must for Four reasons.  

  1. Processing fees for Online Electronic Checks is a lot less than credit card fees.

  2. The risk of merchant charge backs and overall losses is far less with Online Electronic Checks than credit cards.

  3. Online Merchants that accept Credit Cards are only able to complete online sell transactions with 18% Of All American Consumers.  

(82% of American Consumers either Do Not Have a credit card or their Card Balance Is Over Credit Limit.)

With Online Electronic Checks you are able to accept payment from 94% of all American consumers vs. only 18% if you accept credit cards only.

Online Electronic Checks are very user friendly for both merchant and consumer and they are easy to implement.  Online Electronic Check merchants are provided with a secure encrypted payment web site Link that can be placed on the web site shopping cart pay form.   We will even provide the shopping cart and pay form web site link if you don't already have one.

Consumers that pay by check will be prompted to enter account information  into spaces provided on a encrypted secure information display that connects to a secure Federal Reserve payment gateway.  The entire process is simple, user friendly and very secure.

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