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Added Payment Convenience For Your Customers With Our Low Credit Card Merchant Rates.


Save Money With Our Low Merchant Rates Of 2.5% or Less and let Online Shoppers buy With the convenience of Credit Cards from your web site.  

Choice of payment options and convenience effect consumer buying decisions.  Sales are often won or lost based on payment options.  Be sure and provide your customers with the added convenience of paying with Online Check.  It is Safe, Secure and Simple.  See Details... 

Our Online Credit Card processing provide merchants lower rates and greater consumer payment security. Set up is simple.   Merchants are provided a payment Link that can be placed on merchant the web site shopping cart pay form.  Consumers that pay by credit card will be prompted to enter account information  into spaces provided on a encrypted secure information display that connects to the Credit Card Processor.  

Transactions are processed though a special cardholder pass code authorization system to prevent credit card fraud.  Approved transactions are cleared, settled and direct deposited into the merchant bank account within 24 - 48 hours.  

The entire Online Credit Card process is simple, user friendly and very secure.  Apply Now Or Contact Us 

Consider Providing Your Customers The Added Payment Convenience Of Electronic Checks.  See Details... 

The Advantages For Online Merchants Are:

  • Electronic Checks cost much less per transaction than credit cards

  • 94% of consumers have checking accounts with cash balances vs. 18% have usable credit cards that are not Over Credit Limit.

  • Three times more consumers, (48percent), pay by check than credit cards.  

  • Over 83 percent of payments made by business's are by check.

  • Electronic Checks have a lower loss and charge back write off rate than credit cards.

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Online credit cards and checks combined appeal to five times the qualified buyers vs. credit cards only.

Increase Online Sales With Online Credit Cards And Electronic Checks Combined.

"Providing consumers convenience and payment transfer solutions business leaders depend on is our business"

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