Free Small Ticket Check Guarantee...

Say Welcome To Consumers With Check Books 


Now both retail merchants and restaurants with with small average sales tickets can accept customer's paper checks with Guaranteed confidence.  This service is completely FREE for small ticket merchants with average tickets of $25 or less.  Greater payment security and increased sales are a few of the benefits gained. 

Smile The Check Is Guaranteed Without Costly Fees 

FREE Small Ticket Check Guarantee 

Under this program, checks up to a maximum of $25.00 are guaranteed FREE of merchant fees.  There is no tricks, gimmicks or hidden monthly merchant service fees involved and there is no equipment required to purchase, lease or maintain.

Merchant check acceptance is simple and easy.  Your customer presents a check at the sales counter.  The customer’s address can be local, out of town or out of state so long as the check is drawn on a USA bank.

Checkwriter Check Requirements Are Simple As 1 - 2 - 3…

  • Name, Street Address, City & State Is Printed Or Written On The Check  (PO Box Address, Not Accepted)
  • Phone Number Is Printed Or Written On The Check
  • Personal ID Number Is Printed Or Written On The Check
  • RCK Authorization, Stamped Checkwriter Acknowledgement Notice Stamped On Check And Signed By Checkwriter

Note: The “Rubber Stamp” is provided at no cost to the merchant

The sale transaction is now complete and the check is placed in the cash draw.  All checks are deposited at the merchant bank as usual. 

At this point, any returned checks are sent by the merchant bank to the Check Guarantee Provider and funds equal to 100% of the returned check face value are direct deposited into the merchant's account and title to the returned checks passes to the Check Guarantee Provider.

The Merchant Receives 100% Of The Face Value Of Guaranteed Checks And The Check Guaranteed Service Is FREE.  It Is That Simple!

Free Electronic Check Re-presentment & Collection Recovery (RCK) will be used on behalf of the merchant to recover funds on any checks over $25. 

See (RCK) Details

Optional Service:  Most merchant banks are charging merchants between $3.00 - $12.00 for each returned check.  Eliminate bank returned check fees by signing up for Consolidated Returns (RCC). See (RCC) Details

If you are a merchant with average ticket sales over $25, Check Out our Check Guarantee for larger average ticket sales.  

Open up your business doors to local, out of town or out of state checks and expand your sales opportunity with the confidence that your customer's checks are 100% Guaranteed up to $25.

This Is A True Win-Win Service For Your Business!

"Providing consumers convenience and payment transfer solutions business leaders depend on is our business"

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