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  American Payment Exchange offers the best FREE merchant equipment program anywhere.  New fraud and security technology implemented by both Visa and MasterCard makes many of the merchant terminals currently in use obsolete.  With our FREE equipment program, merchants can benefit with the latest equipment technology advancements without the costly purchase or lease of equipment.    


Merchant FREE Equipment Program

Equipment Can Be Selected That Best Meets Business Needs






The VeriFone VX570


  Accept Credit, Check & Debit Cards  With The Best & Most Advanced  Technology Terminal On The Market Today, From The Largest Terminal Manufacturer In The Country.  The Vx570 offers a choice of either dial modem or high speed broadband connections plus a USB port for simple operating downloads.


The VeriFone VX570 &


CR1000i Combination For

100% Check Guarantee &

Card Processing


The Vx570 & CR1000i Check Imager Combo Accepts Credit Cards &  Accepts Checks Like Credit Cards     With 100% Check Guarantee Up To $5,000 Per Check & Lower Fees  Than Credit Cards & No Loss.


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 VeriFone Vx570 & CR1000i




The ViVotech Tap & Go


Shorten Check-Out Time With The Tap & Go Card Reader.  Simple, Fast & Convenient For Customers On The Move.



Accept Cards Anywhere


Go Anywhere & Go Wireless For Trade Shows, Delivery Drivers, Limo Drivers, Outside Sales & Off-site Service / Repair People With Same Low Rate Plans.

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ViVotech Tap & Go

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Verifone VX670




The VeriFone Pin Pad 1000


A Simple, Secure & Compact Device For Customers To Enter Debit Card Required Personal PIN


Internet Solution


A Merchant Online Account Without Set-Up Fees.  Accept Credit Cards Online With The Online Card Rates Anywhere.


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Please Note:

  • There is a limit of one FREE equipment unit per merchant store location/account.  There is NO LIMIT on the number of merchant locations/accounts for merchants with multiple locations. 
  • The VeriFone Vx570 terminal, CR1000i check imager and PIN Pad 1000 is considered to be one FREE Equipment unit if selected as a combination of equipment and processing services at the time of initial application submission. 

With no equipment cost or lease expense, now is the prefect time to take advantage of our free equipment offer and the lowest credit card and check guarantee rates anywhere.  Any of our Free Equipment Offers and low processing fee plans will certainly improve bottom line Net Profit for any business

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