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Conserve Operating Cash With Equipment Leasing


American Payment Exchange offers Equipment Leasing options designed to conserve  operating cash and improve cash flow by providing your business with attractive equipment leasing options. 

$Cash Conservation  is an important consideration for both large and small businesses of all types.  Growth companies with rapid expansion are especially challenged with marinating sufficient operating cash reserves.

Equipment Leasing offers companies the ability to acquire needed equipment with a small or zero up front cash out lay.  The cost of the equipment can be spread over a period of months, usually from 36 to 60 months depending on the cost of the equipment and other factors.

Lease Options:

  • Minimum total equipment cost for a lease is $1,000.00

  • No Maximum total equipment cost for a lease with credit approval

  • Term of lease 24 to 84 months

  • Advance payment due at lease signing is usually first and last payment in advance at lease signing, however zero advance payment at lease signing is available with good credit.

  • End of Lease Options are:

    • Return the equipment at expiration of the lease

    • Purchase the equipment at Fair Market Value FMV

    • Purchase the equipment for 10% of original equipment cost

    • Purchase the equipment for $1.00 buy out

Note: End of lease options, length of term of the lease, advance payment amount, cost of equipment and applicant credit history are all factors that determine  the monthly lease payment  amount.  Example: A "End of lease option" with a "10% Buy Out" option will have a lower monthly lease payment than "$1.00 Buy Out" option.

Lease Application Requirements:

  • For applicants with $1,000.00 to $75,000.00 in equipment cost, completion of a one page Credit Application is all that is needed for businesses established for two years or longer with good to excellent credit history.

  • For applicants over $75,000.00 in equipment cost or businesses established less than two years and/or less than good credit history, additional financial information is required.

All equipment lease quotes and all offers to lease equipment are subject to final credit approval and acceptance by the Leasing Company or lender providing funding for the lease.

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