Consolidated Returns (RCC)...

More Money For Merchants


Merchants can now eliminate the high cost of returned check fees charged by most merchant banks.  Merchant banks are charging merchants between $3.00 - $12.00 for each returned check.  By signing up for Consolidated Returns, merchants  keep more money in the merchant bank account instead of the bank's account.  Lower operating cost and retention of money are a few of the benefits gained. 

Merchants Can Stop Bank Returned Fees

Consolidated Returns (RCC) - 

With RCC the Check Clearing House / Processing Center is instructed to send all returned checks direct to the Consolidated Returns Provider.  Merchant bank returned check fees are eliminated.  Instead of a $3.00 - $12.00 bank fee, a fee much less than $3.00 is charged to the merchant account by the Consolidated Return Service Provider for each returned check resulting in savings for the merchant.

Optional:  Out source returned check collections and do away with the stress and hassles of collections.  Free Returned Check Electronic Re-presentment & Recovery services provides one of the highest collection recovery rates in the industry and it is Free. More Details...

Best Of All This Service Puts More Money In The Merchant Bottom Line Profits!

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