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Since 94% of all consumers have checking accounts with available cash balances, just about everyone is able to purchase your products and services over the phone.  Checks By Phone provides a streamlined, simple and secure electronic solution for payment transaction processing.  Reduced workload, lower operating cost, greater payment security and increased sales are a few of the benefits gained. 

Consumers Expect Convenience

Electronic Checks By Phone:  Increases sales and collection opportunities.  Both inbound and outbound sales calls will increase sales and cash flow results with the advantages of Electronic Checks By Phone. 

If your business only accepts credit cards by phone then less than 18% of all American consumers are able to make a purchase with a credit card over the phone since 82% either do not have a credit card or they are over their card limit.  

With Electronic Checks By Phone, the opportunity to close deals and receive payment by phone  is no longer limited to consumers with credit cards.

With Electronic Checks By Phone you are able to accept payment from 94% of all American consumers vs. only 18% if you accept credit cards only.

Electronic Checks By Phone also provides an excellent way to collect past due accounts and bad debts.  Instead of waiting for a customer to mail a check, a request can be made during a phone call for an  Electronic Check By Phone.

Merchants access the a secure encrypted internet virtual terminal using any internet connected computer.  The virtual terminal connects to the Federal Reserve Gateway with password entry protection.  Merchant management, phone sales clerks or collection representatives are assigned individual passwords based on security level of access.

A user friendly display prompts approved users to enter the required customer account information into spaces provided. The entire process is simple and very secure.

Start offering consumers the convenience they expect.   

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"Providing consumers convenience and payment

solutions business leaders depend on is our business"

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