American Payment Exchange offers merchant services including credit card processing, check guarantee, check verification services and eCommerce payment services.  Processing solutions offered by APEX improve customer convenience, increase sales, lower cost and provide greater security for businesses of all type and size. 



Absolutely The Best FREE Merchant Equipment Program Anywhere






The VeriFone VX570


  Accept Credit, Check & Debit Cards  With The Best & Most Advanced  Technology Terminal On The Market

Today, From The Largest Terminal

Manufacturer In The Country.

The Vx570 offers a choice of either dial modem or high speed broadband connections plus a USB port for simple operating downloads.


100   % Check Guarantee


The VeriFone VX570 & CR1000i Combination For

100% Check Guarantee &

Card Processing


The Vx570 & CR1000i Check Imager Combo Accepts Credit Cards &  Accepts Checks Like Credit Cards     With 100% Check Guarantee Up To $5,000 Per Check & Lower Fees  Than Credit Cards & No Loss.


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Absolutely The Lowest Card Rates Anywhere!



GO Anywhere & Go Wireless!


Most Flexible Rate Plans


Select a merchant credit & check card rate plan that best fits your business with card rates as low as 1.39%.



Accept Cards Anywhere


Go Wireless For Trade Shows, Delivery Drivers, Limo Drivers, Outside Sales & Off-site Service / Repair People With Same Low Rate Plans.

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Business growth opportunities are continuing to set a rapid pace with continued consumer spending on products and services.  Today's consumer's are better educated, more informed and more advanced with their use of technology.  Not only do today's consumers want the best product or service for the best price, but they expect convenience when shopping and when they pay.  Today, business growth and sales success depend on Convenience.

American Payment Exchange bridges the gap between consumer convenience expectations and advanced transaction processing technology solutions for businesses.  We offer a diverse selection of solutions that provide businesses with;

  • Maximum payment security
  • Simple low cost implementation
  • Simple user friendly functions
  • Streamlined In-house workload 
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Reduced risk and loss
  • Greater customer convenience
  • Increased sales 
  • Improved net profits

The ability to fulfill these performance standards provides businesses with true No Cost Solutions since gains from loss reduction, overhead cost reduction and increased sales most always far exceed transaction processing technology solution cost. 

The bottom line for any business is Net Profit!  We invite you to tour our web site and discover how our solutions can produce a positive impact on the Bottom Line.  

"Providing consumers convenience and payment transfer solutions business leaders depend on is our business"

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